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If you are planning to buy a desktop computer, it is better to know that the performance of all the components depends on the motherboard, so you should have a good choice to get the best benefit from the system you have assembled …

First of all, you have to choose the processor brand. Are you a fan of Intel or AMD? Platform selection is a term that is commonly used to determine the processor branding stage …
Intel processors are usually known for better power and performance. But AMD processors are known for their graphics processors.
The choice is yours ..
Be careful when choosing the type of sockets, as these sockets differ in both external dimensions and the number of connection pins, and not every processor can be used on every socket.
After the sockets, pay attention to the chipsets. In each generation of processors, we see chipsets with different functions, for example, the Z170 chipset, which was designed for professionals, but then for the middle and bottom of the market, we saw the B150 and H1770 chipsets, which are a bit weaker.
The third thing to consider is the RAM and the type of slots.
This is where the difference between laptops and desktops comes in, as desktop RAM can be upgraded, which is a big help for systems.
Get your motherboard with at least four RAM slots. Also note that DDR4 RAMs are generally faster than DDR3s, but make sure you know the exact slot type of your motherboard to determine the type of RAM incompatibility. Do not buy for it; Because different types of RAM differ in the number of bases.
The number of ports is another important consideration when buying a motherboard, how many SSDs and hard drives are connected to your motherboard is the most important part of choosing a motherboard. In addition to the number of SATA ports, you should also pay attention to the location of these ports on the motherboard. Powerful graphics cards are usually very long and can easily cover SATA ports. Therefore, it is better to choose a motherboard whose SATA ports are not perpendicular to the motherboard. Motherboards with SATA connectors aligned with the main board are the best choice for gamers.
Motherboards typically use an Intel network card for the LAN port; But slightly more professional motherboards use the Killer network card, claiming that they are faster and of better quality than regular network cards. Some motherboards also have a wireless network card and can be connected directly to a Wi-Fi network. So if using a wireless network on your computer is important to you (which it usually is), choose a motherboard that has a wireless network card. Keep one more thing in mind: Usually, motherboards with a wireless network card also have Bluetooth, and you can connect your mobile phone to a computer.

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