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Data Recovery

We are all producing information in 24 hours, in fact, all videos, photos, documents, files, designs, etc. are among our important daily information. Obviously, any kind of information, whether written or unwritten, digital or non-digital, is constantly in danger of being destroyed. Aware of this, we usually have two options:

We can prevent its destruction by providing a backup.

In case of data loss, we can request the return of our valuable data by referring to a specialized hard drive recovery center.

Recover data from all types of hard disks


Internal hard drive

Data recovery of all types of healthy and burned internal hard drives


Android phones

Data recovery of all types of burned or healthy Android phones


External hard drive

Data recovery of all types of healthy and defective external hard drives


Computer information

Data recovery of all types of computer systems and laptops

Hard disk surgery

When the hard drive is damaged, the applications can no longer do anything, at this time, experienced service specialists repair and operate it with modern equipment in line with the latest technology in the world.

ریکاوری هارد و بازیابی اطلاعات

When we see abnormal knocking sound from inside the hard drive, the possibility of damage to the hard drive head is very high, in these cases, do not do anything without consulting expert consultants! Because hard surgery is basically performed in a clean room that is free of any dust. The interior of the hard drive is very sensitive and if it gets dust, it will cause serious damage to the hardware.

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Hard Disk Repair

Sometimes the source of data loss on a hard drive is a severe blow to it. When we hear the name of a damaged hard drive repair, we may think that we may lose all information forever due to a single blow! Of course, it is normal to carefully maintain or back up important and valuable information, but you should know that not all shocks destroy information.

ریکاوری هارد و بازیابی اطلاعات

Will the hard drive be repaired?

Generally, data is lost when a hard drive is hit. This type of data recovery is extremely sensitive but easy for Life Service experts, because only by repairing a part inside the hard drive, all the data will be restored at once. But as we mentioned earlier in the topic of hard drive surgery, if specialists decide to open the hard drive and make repairs or surgery, Clean Room must be used and many standards must be met, otherwise the hard drive will be damaged. It becomes more serious and the path to information retrieval becomes either impossible or difficult.

Life Service is constantly updating all the equipment and knowledge of the experts in the collection to satisfy its customers. This makes us proud to announce that all hard drive repairs and surgeries at this center have been completed successfully.

In the period when we spend most of our time producing information, if you are familiar enough with the causes of internal hard drive problems, the way you take care of the information stored in it will definitely change completely. For this reason, Life Service introduces you to some of the potential risks in this article, in the hope that it will be a permanent protector of your information.

Due to the electric current that exists in the hard drives, the result of the entry and penetration of liquids such as tea and water into it will undoubtedly be the short circuited of some parts. So in addition to asking you to always make a backup copy of your valuable information, be as careful as possible when liquids are leaking.

ریکاوری هارد و بازیابی اطلاعات

But this is not the only reason for the failure of internal hard drives!

Sometimes the temperature of the hard drive rises, sometimes the internal components are damaged by heat, sometimes the impact itself is the main cause of failure. As you can see, there are many reasons why you may suddenly lose your information at any moment.

In order to protect the information, in addition to the support version, try to take special care to maintain the hard drives, but if you encounter this problem without performing any unknowing action, contact Life Service consultants.

Life service will support your digital world.