About us

Life Service Parseh Company

In 2010, “Support for the Digital World” motivated the gathering of some of the best experts in the field of IT, and the result of this gathering was the establishment of  Life Service Parseh Company by capable and experienced managers.

To buy any product, “brand ” and “after-sale service” are generally two factors that create a sense of confidence in the minds of the audience. Life Service Company has undertaken the support of a collection of the top brands in the digital world to respect different tastes.
Our experts have made respect for consumer rights their top priority. In this regard, Life Parseh’s company is proud to receive certificates and statues, including the following:

National Certificate of Consumer Rights
certificate of appreciation of the top entrepreneur
Statue of the Festival of Industry Champions

Also, this complex, with 40 authorized agencies and more than 90 experienced personnel, has supported the digital world of audiences in most parts of the country.

Some of the free services of Life Service that are provided for free are as follows:

Technical support: online and through free calls
Online warranty tracking and follow-up services
analyzing the services provided to customers
Receiving under-warranty products  in most provinces of the country
Providing different ways of access (SMS, telephone acceptance, online chat, e-mail, social networks)

The main purpose of this complex is to provide free facilities for customers, easy access and also to create direct interaction with them.

Why Life Service Parseh

We believe that purchase assurance can only be achieved with after-sales service and its terms …

When choosing a product to buy, two important principles definitely pass through our mind, in the first place, the “brand of the product” is important, and after that, the only thing that occupies the mind is “after-sale service” …

By receiving the certification of the world’s top brands, Life Service meets the needs of a wide range of tastes and gives you a sense of confidence through “responsibility and commitment”.

For more cooperation, dear friend, please read all the warranty terms before buying.

Honesty in answering

The company’s policy is that all employees are required to provide honest answers to all customers

Speed in repair

All employees and staff of Life Service respond to customer requests in the shortest time

Passion and responsibility

All staff of Life Service Company have been hired according to their interest and desire to serve customers