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Frequently Asked Questions

Life Service Parseh Company

Life service hours and working days:

Life Service Company is ready to serve you dear friends from Saturday to Wednesday from 9 to 17 and also on Thursdays from 9 to 13.

What services does Life Service offer?

Life Service is committed to all the terms of the warranty and provides services such as hard drive data recovery, parts supply, software support, repair of all kinds of digital goods.

What brands does Life Service support?

Life Service Company supports the world’s top digital brands such as Asus, BenQ, viewsonic, Casio, Patriot, Lenovo, etc.

What steps should we take to register a guarantee?

All parts and devices with Life Service warranty card or label up to the date listed on it include the company’s services.

What are the warranty conditions of Life Service?

After-sale service terms are listed for all goods, dear friends, note that purchasing the product with the company’s warranty card will be in order to accept the warranty terms.

In which cities is Life Service represented?

Life Service is ready to serve you in all cities of Iran. For information on the nearest agencies in your city, refer to the agency section.