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Even the longest night ends with the first shining razor of light
Even if it is the height of Yalda …
Rise and shine …
The sun is on its way …

Yalda night is one of the most important Iranian occasions that never has an expiration date and acquires a new color and smell every year. According to the ancient Iranians, by celebrating this night, they deliver darkness and cold to the light and warmth of the sun in order to spend more time in daily work and activities. We at  Life Service Parseh believe that …
Even the longest night ends with the first shining razor of light, even if it is as tall as Yalda …
Rise and shine, the sun is on its way …

Just like this year, when we shared the sweetness of last year’s aspirations and celebrated the longest night of the year together.

Yalda is celebrated in different ways in every corner of Iran, but the most important event of this night for all people is “staying together and sewing the long night to the bright day”. A common feature that all Iranian cultures have on the longest night of the year is eating nuts, sweets, watermelons and red pomegranates. Also an unforgettable and attractive member of this night is “Fal Hafez”. For this reason, the whisper of a sentence is attractive and pleasant for all Iranians:

“ای حافظ شیرازی

تو محرم هر رازی

بر من نظر اندازی

تورا به شاخ نباتت قسم

این فال مرا بگشا…”

Yalda night in Life Service started with a pomegranate and a Hafiz omen. We ended the last day of autumn in the style of our beloved Iran with traditional sweets.
Here is Life Service, we all thought about success in Life Service one minute more than other nights of the year and came up with a thousand new programs in our minds.
We hope that every day is an Eid for all our dear compatriots and every night will be spent on watermelon sweets for them.

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